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Economic Crimes FAQ's


Embezzlements (Employee/Internal Theft) Questions:

Question: Should I expect the Economic Crimes Section Detectives to understand my businesses practices and accounting procedures?
Answer: It is impossible to fully understand how each business conducts their day-to-day operations. It is imperative an internal investigation is completed by a representative from the victim business. It is preferable that the business representative that conducted the internal investigation is the representative that presents the information to the police at the time the offense report is completed.

Question: I am a company owner\representative and I believe I have an employee who is taking money from the cash register. What should I do?
Answer: Conduct an internal investigation first. Prepare all evidence that you can, this would include video surveillance, register tape, copies of bank deposits slips, accounting spreadsheets, etc. The Economic Crimes does not have a working knowledge of each individual businesses accounting practices, or how each business conducts its day-to-day operations. A representative of the company, who has the first hand knowledge of the required information should then report the offense to the police, and have an embezzlement offense report completed.

Economic Crimes FAQ's