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Economic Crimes FAQ's

Identity Theft/Impersonation Questions

Question: I live in Kansas City, Mo., and discovered numerous fraudulent accounts have been opened using my information. Accounts were created not only in Kansas City, Mo., but also in other jurisdictions. Who do I make the police report with?
Answer: Report the offense to the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

Question: I live in another state, however, I discovered my information is being used in Kansas City, Mo., for employment. Who do I make the police report with?
Answer: Many victims, from locations from outside of Kansas City, Mo., have reported difficulties in getting a police report completed in their own jurisdiction. Most states have identity theft laws which dictate that the jurisdiction of the victims residence should complete the offense report for the residents. The law helps victims in the reporting process, especially if the victim has discovered their identity has been used in numerous jurisdictions. If the victim, from an outside jurisdiction, is having difficulty having their local agency complete the offense report, and any portion of the victims' identity theft has occurred in Kansas City, Mo., than the Kansas City Missouri Police Department can document the portion of the offense which occurred in our jurisdiction.

Question: I recently moved and discovered a utility account had previously been received using my information. What should I do?
Answer: Dispute the account with the utility company immediately. The utility company will provide documents to dispute the account. Secondly, report the identity theft to the police for completion of the offense report. Additionally, obtain a copy of your credit bureau record and review for additional fraudulent accounts.

Economic Crimes FAQ's